Friday, 17 July 2009

Helicopters, Helicopters,Helicopters

The argument over the lack of helicopters in Afghanistan continues to rage on. Brown insists there are enough, almost everyone else disagrees. Yet at it's heart this isn't really about the helicopters, it's about the fact everyone knows Brown as Chancellor cut the Defence budget, everyone knows that troops were not equipped properly. This helicopter argument presents an opportunity to attack him on two accountants. Firstly it is beyond wrong to put peoples life's at risk for the sake of money and secondly people are frustrated with this war in the Middle East.

What really perplexes me about this is, why on earth would he be obstinate on something clearly morally wrong, what he does achieve? It's like standing on Custer's hill saying I see no Indians. He's on the wrong side of the British sense of fair play, again.

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