Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Blair for President of Europe?

Baroness Kinnock and the British government are backing Blair for the possible EU presidency. Like every EU leader they're acting like the Lisbon Treaty is already a done deal. I guess you should never let democracy get in the way of ambition.

But is Blair in the running? President Sarkozy was a Blair backer, though Germany have never been keen and they are the leaders that will have the most say. Yet there are other factors at play here, they risk alienating Britain further by supporting him. EU scepticism is already going to be an issue the moment Britain gets a vote on any EU treaty. With the strong possibility of a Euro-sceptic government being elected, they will want to be political in their choice, as it could hamper future treaties.

Blair also carries a lot of baggage, he doesn't have the all clear politically. If he becomes EU President they risk associating and tarnishing the EU with it. He will also be seen as a back door for American involvement in Europe, that has always been a contentious issue. Stirrings of it were seen at the G20 with references to those "Anglo-Saxons" from Sarkozy and Obama being shot down for voicing support for Turkey's EU membership.

Thus I don't think he is in the running for people other than his supporters here in Britain and papers that like to participate in scaremongering. Too many factors have changed since he left office, politically he is a terrible choice and a potential liability.

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