Sunday, 5 July 2009

John Major Interview - Government Machine

John Major made some good points in an interview with Andrew Marr, one point he made was that this is a real opportunity to address the states expansion (4:20). I like the idea of using this political atmosphere to cut the expense and power of the government machine, though obliviously it will take more than just that to address national debt. Quite where the line is drawn I'd like to see start being debated, instead of the rubbish that currently is, it's becoming like a time warp. Brown really doesn't present himself to be the future of Britain with this silly "cuts vs investment" rhetorical, more that he represents the past. Let alone that it really says something when John Major seems more radical than Gordon Brown.

This could be an interesting new narrative, as I doubt there are many people who are content with the current level of "nanny government", the Tories and Lib Dems could really gain from taking this line, as Labour are the cause of it. How do they defend that? It's for our own good because we can't be trusted to make decision for ourselves.....

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