Friday, 10 July 2009

Question Time - Teenage Kicks

Question Time was a teenager special and David Dimbleby seemed to dress up for the occasion. More overwhelming than his tie however was Andy Burnham's incredibly vacant comments, "freedom is not absolute", wonderful to think he's in charge of the NHS. Firm understanding of law, democracy and common sense showing there. Freedom should be absolute, those little things like a fair trial, not being detained without charge, the right to protest, are the minimal you should expect as a human being from a democracy.

The panel had a 18-year-old student, Suzanne Burlton, it was nice to hear the comments of a generation that has in effect grown up under New Labour. Given they haven't known a government other than a Labour one, there was a real sense that this wasn't the direction they wanted the country to go in, which is very reassuring.

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