Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Ronnie Biggs Vs Jack Strawman

So let me get this straight, Ronnie Biggs is an unrepentant danger to society, but those 935 convicts consisting of some murderers and sex offenders were fine for parole. You know the same 935 the police can't find now.

I'm not passionate about Ronnie Biggs parole, yet clearly it's easy to make an example of him and for what? Those sex offenders and murders pose more of a risk to people, so why not be at least proportional. He stole money, wasn't the man who struck down the train driver and he stuck his fingers up at the establishment. That's not the same as killing or raping someone. He was sentenced 30 years for robbery, rapists get less than that, along with parole. That doesn't seem just to me.

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