Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Social Care - "New and Improved"

Three new options are being proposed by the government for social care. Andy "I can't believe this guy is in charge of the NHS" Burnham said:
For too long politicians have avoided this issue. We have an opportunity to grasp the nettle and confront the debate. If we fail to do that we face the prospect of a diminishing quality of care being provided.
What have they been doing then for 12 years? Oh that's right, turning social care into a disgraceful scandal. More than £23,00 in your home or savings, tough luck, sell your home and spend your savings. Work all your life to pay for your death, disgusting. He should go to a piss stinking care home before speaking of the "prospect" of diminishing care.

What does this say about our society when we can't care properly for the most vulnerable. The shameful audacity of it, how do these people sleep at night?

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