Saturday, 11 July 2009

O/T Torchwood - Children of Earth - Spoliers

It was an emotional roller-coaster with moments of brilliance and sadly written with skill I've not seen Russell T Davies apply to Doctor Who. The kids being taken away by the army was some of the best drama I've seen on the BBC in years. It was all too real as those trucks and buses pulled into the school. While the teachers were powerless to do anything but just insist that the soldiers don’t have the right to take the kids.

Finding out the 456 motives - drug dealing on an intergalactic scale - was a bit strange, part of me sniggered and part thought it was twisted. It does open up some big plot holes though, why did they come to earth in the 60s for the children? They couldn't have known the kids were drugs, were they just sniffing around for a dealer. Which lends to questioning why the government just shut out Torchwood from the start? There was a collective shrug as they resigned themselves to doing whatever the 456 said.

Overall I do feel torn in my reaction, as it's Torchwood, someone from the team is meant to pull the short straw and sleep with the bald three headed telekinetic chicken with a mucus problem. No one expects an Eastenders Christmas special, it was drama with a bit of sci-fi, instead of what it's been for the last two years, sci-fi with a bit of drama. If Torchwood didn't have a history this would have been brilliant, instead it's a little disappointing and really depressing.

Is this the end of Torchwood? Certainly as we know it, perhaps that won't turn out to be a bad thing, if they introduce some of the characters from this series.

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