Sunday, 19 July 2009

Checklist for a Fascist State

In light of this article on imprisonment without trial or charge for months. I went looking for a Fascist state checklist. How does our government score?

Continuing nationalism, such as flying the national flag everywhere and taking pride in the national identity.

Ignoring "Human Rights" ethics.

Martialling the electorate by identifying "enemies" and scapegoating sections or particular groups.

Influence of the military - measured by how much is spent on defence against how much is spent on "social" programmes.

Media control, whether by "direct" control or with control in the hands of "sympathisers".

National security having a high profile in policy.

Government is overtly religiously linked to a particular faith.

Protection of Corporate Interests.

Overt sexism, measured as "masculine supremacy" and "oppression of women".

Trade Union activity is restricted or controlled.

Denigration of Intelligentsia and or/ restriction or control of higher education.

Emphasis on Crime and Punishment, measured as how harshly the criminal is punished and how much effort goes to "reforming" the criminal.

Corruption and cronyism, again looking at who gets what job, is connected to who and how the appointment is made.

Fraudulent elections - measured by the level of smear campaigning against opposition members and parties, dirty tricks and ballot box rigging to name but a few "tricks".

Score - 8/14

Like a teenager attempting to grow one, stubble but not quite a bushy moustache.

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