Thursday, 30 July 2009

Debbie Purdy Wins Case on Assisted Suicide

Debbie Purdy has been fighting for legal calcification on the law of assisted suicide, in order to know when a person might face prosecution. She has multiple sclerosis and wants to end her life in Switzerland, yet she's concerned that her husband would be prosecuted if he helped her. Her case was put to the Law Lords today and the five Lords unanimously ruled in her favour.

A victory for common sense, decency and humanity. As I've wrote before on this blog, where is the compassion in families facing the prospect of prosecution, when a clear definition of the law would end it? Laws should of course protect vulnerable people, but there is a difference between inciting people into suicide and someone making a rational choice to end their own life, essentially for them it's an informed decision on the quality of their life.

Assisted suicide is a deeply personal decision and one that represents much more than a choice, it represents your right to your life and your body being your own, not the states, yours. It is long overdue that this should be debated in parliament, as that should be a human right. I hope this will be a spring board for that debate.

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