Tuesday, 9 June 2009

BNP Protesters Egg Nick Griffin

Making the BNP martyrs like this is not helpful. Moral high ground is lost by suppressing free speech and physically attacking Griffin. Free speech is a right, you can't pick and choose who gets rights based on personal preference. As unsavoury as what he says is, as much as I loathe what he stands for, let people see him for what he is, challenge him and his policies. All of which can be done without violent means.

The BNP were democratically elected, their support will evaporate if why people voted for them was addressed. Herbert Morrison in a speech at an anti-fascist meeting in 1936, said that:
Fascism appeared to triumph in circumstances of economic decay and dissolution on the one hand and weakness in parliamentary and democratic leadership on the other. When chaos and depression obtained in economic and political affairs Fascism got its maximum chance, not upon its merits, but as a last straw for people who could see no hope otherwise.
Wise man, shame about his grandson.

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