Monday, 8 June 2009

Stilettos Against Gordon Brown

Caroline Flint's so called stiletto stabbing resignation was pointed enough, yet she did an interview saying, women in Brown's government were used as:
a smokescreen, a way of making it look like you've got a lot of women around the table without letting them influence anything.
Others in the Labour Party are saying the complete reverse, clearly Flint's angry yet she does have a point when coupled with her "inner circle" comment. Hence most women who are promoted having questionable ability, though oblivious loyalty.

What bothers me about these "Blair Babes" is they set the benchmark for women in politics, which has become more like a competition to make the front bench like some sort of GAP advert, rather than being capable and outstanding. That damages women, as how can people take them seriously or praise their contribution?

Will it be a stiletto that finishes him? Harriet Harman is clearly the one to watch, as Peter Mandelson in the reshuffle was made First Secretary of State, which is an alternative title to Deputy Prime Minister. What is Harman then? Brown clarified by saying she would still deputies him in the Commons, yet he fails to mention that Mandelson can only speak in the Lords. Not at all patronizing.

If Harman had any respect for women and herself she'd take off her stiletto too. It's not good enough to be promoted for just being a loyal Labour woman or sidelined because you're not. Otherwise you might as well just put lipstick on a man.

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