Friday, 12 June 2009

Is Bown Getting The Reputation As a Liar?

It's a dirty word liar, in the media and parliament terms like "spin"and "being economic with the truth", are usually words that describe politicians lying. Yet increasingly the unparliamentary word liar is being used with regard to Brown. The real turning point seemed to be his press conference after the chaos reshuffle, where he revoked his Father's words of honestly and stated he had no intention of removing Alistair Darling from the cabinet.

You could almost see the disbelief rise into the air and the press recoil with disgust. Reading the main stream media since has shown a shift in reporting, particularly this investment vs cuts debate. Alienating the press when he needs them to get his message out, wasn't the best thing to do, particularly if the word sticks. Even the Sun are calling him on it and if they come up with a catchphrase he's doomed.

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