Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Iran and British Government Reaction

The government's foreign policy makes me despair, I dread them giving a response to international situations, which consistently is just a reaction to events. Iran has been no different.

Their supreme leader calls Britain "Evil" and the government react like it's a "Yo Mama" insult. They've now topped this when today Iran ordered two UK diplomats to leave the country, Brown responds by expelling two Iranian diplomats from Britain. A tic for tac foreign policy, wonderful, I'm sure it won't be used as propaganda in Iran, nor isolate them further. When someone is picking a fight there are times to keep quiet in order not to escalate things, this is one them.

The protesters are being called terrorists and traitors, giving the Iranian government any means to reduce or discredit their message is not helpful to their plight. Particularly since Britain and the US are perceived to have rigged elections in Iran before. It is possible to support the Iranian people and the principles of democracy without, counter-productively, involving ourselves directly in an internal political struggle. As the out come of this situation has to be resolved by the Iranians, otherwise it will have no legitimacy, politics and religion are too intertwined in Iran.

It is just unbelievably ironic that when the government shouldn't have followed America's lead in the Middle East they did, now they should they don't.

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