Tuesday, 16 June 2009

BrownWash on Iraq - Update

Following on my emails to campaign groups, general consensus seems to be considering their options. Political opposition from the Lib Dems, Tories and Labour Backbenchers, from the stories today seem to be the first step. The Tories are holding an opposition day debate and hope to defeat the government next Wednesday. Senior military and intelligence officers I'm very heartened to see have condemned Brown's cover up today too.

If parliament fails to win on Wednesday I don't honesty see why a protest isn't the right thing to do. As it's not whether you agree or disagree about going into Iraq, it's the simple principle of - no more lies. This isn't just about the inquiry it's so much more than that. It's that huge dividing line, one rule for politicians and another for us. It's about this not ending the same way it began, in secretly and lies. To not focus on the wrongs only "what can be learnt" is a Brownwash.

There is a big difference between the Falklands and Iraq, everyone knows why Britain launched the Falklands War. This needs a different inquiry, it is a different situation, no one invaded British territory far from it, we invaded another country. I accept some people giving evidence may need to keep their identities secret, yet why is it beyond anyone to find a balance with a part public and part private inquiry?

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