Monday, 1 June 2009

Three Days to EU Election - What a Debate It Was

So glad the political parties have gone out of their way to inform everyone about their policies and what a debate it's been, so much fun was had by all. I've had 6 leaflets through the post and no one knock on the door. Which really disappoints me I was looking forward to talking to a politician, so I'm left thinking what did I learn from these leaflets?

From the Tories you would think it was a general election rather than an EU one. Labours looked like a BNP leaflet. The BNP's looked like a pizza menu, I almost ordered an immigrate by mistake. Lib Dems really should go to another graphic design company, the Greens are very green in both sense of the word and Churchill would vote UKIP.

All ready to vote then.

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