Monday, 1 June 2009

They'll Have to Drag Brown Kicking

Brown has rejected calls to quit saying he wasn't "arrogant" or "unwilling to listen" but:
I think the cleaning up of the political system is best done by someone who has got a clear idea of what needs to be done - and I have.
Certainly a statement that proves his point, even if 69% of people would disagree. Yet what's his proposal to clean up the system, "major constitutional reform" to gain back public trust. That doesn't of course include what people actually want; honesty, transparency and having an election. The man is like an Imperial Leather sticker on a bar of soap, they'll have to drag him kicking and screaming from Downing Street.

Yet does hope lay in the Westminster whispers of mutiny within Labour? Is there really a leadership challenge gaining favour, in effect what happened to Thatcher. Labours main problem is that Thatcher was elected, Brown is already the non elected second switch, it could be prove a push too far switching again. They would have to call an election straight away to legitimise it, yet a new leader would need time to make a mark and repair some of the damage Brown has done, otherwise there's not much point.

Perhaps the Royal Mail debate and vote will prove temping for conspirators to hijack. More than 150 Labour MPs are rebelling against the plans, before taking into account election results and mutiny. The Tories are backing the bill though it would be a very close vote and if Brown lost, a motion of confidence could be called or a legitimate leadership challenge. Though Mandelson has already hinted the showdown could be delayed, it would have been a few days after the elections.

Even with all the headlines and debate surrounding this mutiny, I don't really see a Labour back or front bencher doing it. The current climate is what will protect Brown, voters need to know who will be standing in the election, they need to get parliament in order. Which is why Brown is now singing the tune of reform, and why no doubt he'll drag his feet, if it was just the economy he would not be safe. Labours best option is to trigger an election a little later this year, as that's the only thing they can do that will have a lot of public support. Going 12 months would be political suicide.

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