Thursday, 11 June 2009

New Labour to Cull NHS Targets Regime

Do Labour have any of their own policies? Andy Burnham said today:
The new health secretary today promised a purge of the NHS targets regime and a refocusing on a "people-centred" service that empowers patients.
In April 2009 David Cameron said he would:
End Labour’s culture of top-down targets and tick-box adherence. Put power in the hands of people.
It's a bit rich accusing the Tories of having no policies when they're stealing what they do say, while U-turning on policies of the last 12 years, which were shoved down our throats and statistics that were rubbed in our face, in order to pretend nothing was wrong. Anyone that uses or works in the NHS, if they bothered to listen, could of told them it was damaging the NHS.

What really angers me about this belated U-turn is the cost of their "targets" hasn't just be financial.

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