Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Campaigners Want Ban On Smoking in all Cars

Must every aspect to our lives be potentially legislated? Ban smoking in all cars because of risks to children, the build up of second-hand smoke and dangerous driving. Don't let the hypocrisy of this campaign curtail it, smoking is clearly worst than pollution. A great use of police time as well, better they were chasing down smokers than drink drivers.

When did it become better to legislate and ban than just informing people in a clear and reasonable way? This is now what they do:
We should make it illegal to smoke in cars when children are in the vehicle. Why on earth would you light up in your car whilst your children are sitting quite happily in the back?
Of course as a smoker I can answer that, I never smoke unless there is a child present to breathe in my second hand smoke, otherwise the car would smell. Communicate don't dictate. It doesn't need to be a law for people to stop doing something, particularly when it comes to harming kids. I'm a smoker not a monster.


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