Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Jacqui Smith Resigns - Dissolution of Parliament

Britain has lost a Home Secretary any Stasi would be proud of. Herr Smith, the first female Home Secretary and thanks to the really high bench mark she's set, probably the last. Yet maybe now we can get a Home Secretary with some understanding of the words innocent until proven guilty, privacy, right to protest, torture is wrong and we don't want ID cards.

She stands down among the ruins that is fast becoming New Labour, 4 Labour MPs today resigned like rats fleeing a sinking ship or as they would prefer "they want to spend time with their family". However this wasn't the biggest twist to this saga today, the SNP and Plaid Cymru have tabled a motion calling for the dissolution of parliament. Cameron and Clegg are backing the motion and it will be debated next Wednesday.

Can it be won though? Labour have a majority of 63, if Brown can whip the vote he'll win it. Yet this will be after the election results and with mutiny already in the air. If the results are as bad as the polls suggest, he'll be fighting against defeatism on top of it all. Even if he wins the vote, an election just got much earlier than May next year.

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