Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Union Tells Labour No More Money

The other day I posted on a story about Labour MP John McDonnell, he said the "left wing" of the Labour party would stand under their own manifesto at the next election, if Brown failed to adopt their policies. The Unison union announced today that they are suspending funding to local Labour candidates, saying:
Unison will only support prospective Labour candidates willing to stand up for its values of public service
Could this be the coup here, with all the fuss cabinet minsters created in their unsuccessful attempt. Was another far more elegant plot taking place. Are the unions moving into position to back a new split party or throw their weight behind McDonnell for leader? As I said in my other post, John McDonnell with financial backing could lead the left wing of Labour into a new party. Though at the very least he can strengthen the Labour in New Labour. Now wouldn't that set the cat among the pigeons.

Alan Johnson is just a personable Brown and after the honeymoon period is over it won't take long for people to see that. Yet McDonnell is a completely different side to Labour, as he doesn't support all the unpopular polices New Labour are pushing for. He could present much more of a challenge to Cameron than Johnson.

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