Thursday, 4 June 2009

James Purnell Resigns From Cabinet

Another day, another resignation, this time James Purnell. He didn't leave quite as stylishly as Blears but it was just as damaging. Since I've looked at this saga from the perspective of how to get Brown to step down. What's Brown got to do to stay?

Clearly the most oblivious way is to tap into the public desire for an election, stating an election date within the next few months will take the wind out of rebels sails. As the public would be happy with knowing there is an end in slight, it also makes the forthcoming motion of confidence have less of an impact.

Bury his head, shoulders and upper torso in the sand. The party rules do work in Browns favour, he could brazen it out. Rebels may back down if voters patience shows signs of snapping. Effectively play chicken with them.

Create a big distraction, which will divert attention while he works behind the scenes. Though I can't see what they could use which will be big enough.

He is left with increasingly little options by the day and I really don't see him wanting to go down in history as the worst Prime Minster, who never faced an election. Nor do I see him taking the hit on his ego. Yet something has to give here, it's ridiculous, a completely ridiculous situation.

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