Sunday, 14 June 2009

Brown to Announce Iraq War Inquiry

At long last Labour are to announce an Iraq war inquiry. It's thought that it will examine the circumstances leading up to joining the US-led invasion in March 2003 and its aftermath. I hope in light of all the torture allegations, it will also focus on Britain's involvement in them, the thought that the government had no idea people were being tortured for 6 years is ridiculous.

An inquiry wasn't going to be announced until August after all British soldiers left Iraq, yet Brown in an attempt to improve relations with rebel backbenchers and those that opposed the Iraq war has bought it forward. The other factor here is by starting it off Labour get some control over it, if the Tories win the election and start an inquiry they have no need not to be completely open and honest. As it won't be them that revelations will be a problem for.

The inquiry itself is expected to be based on the Franks inquiry. This consisted of six senior privy ­councillors who had full access to government papers but who met in secret.

Two things about that are concerning firstly, who will be the six senior privy ­councillors? Secondly if it's to be held in secret, then what's the point? No one wants more secrets and lies from this government. So I hope the announcement expected this week, will reflect the transparency and reform Labour keep banging on about.

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