Sunday, 21 June 2009

Speaker of the House Candidates

I've been following the new Speaker story in the press as it's become something of a freak show. Yet the field seems to have now narrowed to three favourites, they are:
  • Margaret Beckett (Lab) - She'll win if Labour want a loyalist in the chair or there was a deal struck with Brown when she lost her cabinet position.
  • John Bercow (Con) - He's a cuckoo, a Tory but a strong New Labour supporter. If they want to look like they're handing over power but are not, he'll win.
  • George Young (Con) - Out of the three he doesn't have the political motivated vote tarnishing him. It won't be a big symbolic change, yet it will a change for the better. He does place great importance on the role of parliament in holding the government to account.
You can't help but be overwhelmed by the how the candidates reflect a new dawn in parliament. Yet MPs may still surprise everyone today in their vote, the others standing are can been seen here. It's a shame more Lib Dems aren't in the running, it would be the most impartial option, along side being a symbolic statement. Partly because the Lib Dems have been a strong voice for reform and partly as it would also make parliament more inclusive. All of which you'd be forgiven for thinking was the point of a new Speaker.

For those interested on the BBC there is a video that out lines - the procedure that will see a new incumbent dragged to the Speaker's chair.

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