Friday, 5 June 2009

Gordon Brown Press Conference

I've been debating what to write about Browns "totally candid" speech. The politest way I can phase my reaction is; shameless, deluded and arrogant. The BBC have the video on-line - for those that haven't seen it yet, have a really low opinion and you'll only be mildly shocked.

He's protecting us from the Tories, he's not walking away, he's getting on with the job, he's listening, he's responsible, his Presbyterian conscience is fully tuned in, he's never thought of calling an election - but he's not arrogant. Reminiscing teary-eyed about words his Minister Father said to him, the son of a manse said:
I remember the words of my father; always be honest, always sort things out if things are wrong and never allow things to fester without taking action.
I could write a whole post just on the hypocrisy of that statement alone. Yet what's his big plan for the future of Britain? He's set up three new ministerial councils - the Democratic Renewal Council, the Domestic Policy Council and an enhanced National Economic Council. Effectively like always, like everything the Labour party does, he's shifted the responsibility to someone else. Like the bunch of box ticking, bureaucratic, undemocratic, fools they are, I'm sure they're come up with some statistics and numbers to justify and convince.

What's really become crystal clear from this saga is that, Brown rules by vindictiveness, lashing out at people as there's only his way, there is only his right and his wrong. The man is so black and white in his out look he's no different to Blair, other than Blair could play the political game and keep a lid on all this rabid backstabbing. Brown is a bloody joke.

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