Thursday, 14 May 2009

BNP Party Political Broadcast - Will They Gain?

The BNP's party political broadcast was so bad it was just funny, it reminded me of across between direct line and lawyers for you. They even had a red phone.
Have you been hurt by a politician, thinking about not voting, well we here at BNP we pledge to clean up politics.....
The more serious side to this is, fringe parties do stand to gain from the expense saga. With the BNP being the biggest protest vote to make, how much do they stand to benefit? To date their gains are in Labour heartlands. The Guardian have an article asking what people from Tory and Labour constituencies think about the expense saga, Labour areas were a lot more angry. I particularly like the quote from Clara Clutterbuck in Salford – Hazel Blears's constituency.
She tells you what you want to hear, like Blair. Or shall we put it crudely and say she's an arselicker?
I think the cruder statement works for me. Yet with how angry people are the BNP will look an appealing vote, add to that other parties saying not to vote for them, doubly so. UKIP stand to take the more moderate protest and legitimate Euro sceptic votes. With nationalist parties in Wales and Scotland benefiting in Labours falling support. BNP winning a seat in the EU I'm not so sure about, airing our dirty washing in public may put people off, yet locally is a different matter.

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