Saturday, 9 May 2009

Expenses, Expenses, Expenses

The Telegraph expense "name and shame" campaign doesn't make for pleasant reading. Particularly for a profession that you would be forgiven for thinking, some degree of moral judgement was needed. I could laugh it off if it wasn't for the fact that, what sort of people will want to be a MP, with this bad smell hanging over parliament? It's just self for filling.

There's something so depressing not only about the endless sleazy headlines, but MPs reaction. No one forced them to make the claims they did, they choose to. The official line being echoed by minsters that, claims were "entirely in accordance with the rules" is groundless. I fail to see cat food, nappies, loo seats, iced gem biscuits and tampons as an expense of doing their parliamentary duties. So instead of spinning like they always do, here's a shocking idea, stop blaming a system they created, be an adult and take some responsibility.

What really underlines this for me, what are they even doing for people or for the country? If they gave back more than they took, this wouldn't be so insulting.

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