Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Jacqui's Least Wanted People in Britain

Jacqui Smith has published a Home Office list of 'least wanted' people in Britain. You have to wonder if she really thought through the headlines on that.

It's incredibly New Labour though, stopping people with undesirable views coming into the country. Heaven forbid the British public being capable of just not listening to them, or deciding for themselves.

In light of her "least wanted list" however, I'll put forward my own top five, bar the really oblivious politicians who are by default included:
5. Ronald Macdonald - The Macsmell that resonates out of that place is just worrying, animal, mineral or vegetable who knows? Other than the spotty teenage that has no MacHealth and hygiene qualification and is touching the food. Yet what do you expect from a clown that looks like Pennywise.
4. Spammers - I don't want any viraga, herbal remedies, any kind of enlargement or to talk to a woman from Russia on-line. Why are you emailing me?
3. Human Resources - Inhuman resources would be more accurate, or so desperate to not rock the boat and hang on to their job, they'll screw over every employee for the company.
2. Cadbury's gorilla - What has a sliverback flaring it's nostrils while playing the drums got to do with chocolate? Unless the gorilla opens a candy shop and gives out free chocolate, cut the pretentious rubbish and show me the chocolate.
1. People who Spit - A tissue, get one and just blow your nose. There's no need to hack up a large ball of saliva or snot and spit it on the pavement or wall.

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