Tuesday, 12 May 2009

David Cameron - Lib Dems Next

With the lack of leadership within Downing Street at the moment, Cameron could have stumbled on stage drunk today, shouting I've got a whip and I would have been impressed. Tory supporters are claiming a victory for Cameron actions today, yet he didn't have any choice but to limit the damage. In doing so he gains moral high ground over Brown, hopefully rendering the phrase "do nothing party" useless, as I can't bare hearing it much more.

It was good tactics from Cameron, better tactics would've been having expenses rules outlined within the party to begin with. Thus limiting the damage when it all hit the fan. I just hope Sir Kelly's proposals truly address this. With the spot light turning to the Lib Dems, it's getting ridiculous. I do wonder though with the cabinet minsters being as quiet as they are, whether the Telegraph are saving the most damaging for last.

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