Friday, 1 May 2009

Seems Brown Has Everyones Full Support

The news is full of Labour MPs setting upon Brown, I can hear Et tu, Brute? echoing through the corridors of Downing Street as I type this. Bob Marshall-Andrews, Ken Livingstone, Charles Clarke and David Blunkett, are all united in their despair of Brown.

Brown of course is saying his usual line of "we won't be distracted from the big issues", I fail to see this as a small issue though. Shouldn't a leader be just a bit concerned about mutiny in his own party, let alone polls at 27%. Closing your eyes won't make that go away, as leading isn't just about taking credit when things go right, you have to take responsibility when it doesn't to.

There has been a lot of speculation as to what Labour should do, I don't think they can do anything. It's not just an anti-Brown feeling but anti-government, people are disillusioned with politics at large. Changing leaders and calling an election will at the best save a few MPs' jobs, yet I can't see Brown eating humble pie. A coup perhaps, yet who would be Brutus?

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