Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Jacqui Smith Faces Torture Legal Action

Unbelievable, more allegations that our government are out sourcing and being complicit in torture, several cases now and not one of these cowardly politicians will launch an independent investigation.
The home secretary Jacqui Smith faces legal action over allegations that MI5 agents colluded in the torture of a British former civil servant by Bangladeshi intelligence officers.

Lawyers for the British man, Jamil Rahman, are to file a damages claim alleging that Smith was complicit in assault, unlawful arrest, false imprisonment and breaches of human rights legislation over his alleged ill-treatment while detained in Bangladesh. (read article)
I really don't know what's worst the Bush administration or this disgusting government. Leaving the room when someone is being tortured doesn't make it legal or right, it's just averting your eyes when they're being beaten. If MI5 were acting outside the law they need a green light from a MP. If Jacqui Smith signed this off she is complicit in torture, she should face prosecution. Disgusting, how the hell do they sleep at night.

Update: A bit more information on Politics.co.uk:
Jamil Rahman, a former civil servant, gave a false confession during the torture, in which he said he masterminded the 2005 London bombings.

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