Thursday, 7 May 2009

Rejected Gurkha's What A Mess

The government have made this Gurkha issue like untangling Christmas tree lights, should it really be so difficult?

The UK Border Agency has rejected four out of the five residency test cases, though the government say it has 'no practical effect', as the cases will be re-examined under new rules to be published by the end of July. Which does beg the question of why didn't they just wait to use the new rules, instead of looking like insensitive bureaucrats.

Today's events lest we forget, follow yesterday's meeting between Joanna Lumley and Gordon Brown. Who gave the reassurance that he will personally sort it all out by the end of the month. Consequently this left Phil Woolas "immigration minster", running to the BBC to pre-empt the conference Mrs Lumley had called, to voice her grievances over the situation. Though it seems Woolas hardly managed to calm the storm from the video, as it looks like Mrs Lumley has got her Gurkha knife pointed "somewhere".

This does however raise the question, is this really the way to run this country? Going from one knee jerk reaction to another. Everything about the government dealings with this issue just highlight their incompetence. They should be ashamed that Joanna Lumley showed more political understanding, morals and backbone than the whole cabinet combined.

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