Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Jacqui Smith Says Britons Should Be Grateful

Jacqui Smith criticised the "current vogue for police bashing'' in a speech at the Police Federation conference. That's an interesting choice of words "vogue for police bashing", is it vogue to strike a citizen, I hope not.
We all saw the pictures on the television. But what we didn't see was all the hard work that went in, behind the scenes, to mounting such a large-scale and intensive police operation
Yes preparations that involved talking up the danger the protesters presented, warning pregnant women not to venture into the City, telling bankers to dress down and generally demonising protesters. Going on to an operation that lend police hiding identity numbers, covering their faces, trying to remove the press, allegedly getting undercover police officers to provoke protesters into violence, finishing up being heavy handed, beating a woman and killing someone. All of which they attempted to cover up.

She goes on to say:
We are lucky in this country for the way in which protest is facilitated and the police play a very important role in that.
Yes we're lucky Jacqui Smith hasn't outlawed it yet. This isn't a few bad apples, this a general mentality in the police force at large, they have far too much power and not enough accountablty. Yet we should be grateful?

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