Sunday, 24 May 2009

Derek "Admiral" Conway

I knew it was only a matter of time before my already disgraced, whip withdraw MP was in the Telegraph, and there he is in the Sunday sleaze section. Derek Conway or Admiral Conway as he likes to be known after his martyr speech, in which he compared himself to Admiral John Byng. Honest comparison really, as Byng only served on the most comfortable stations, and avoided the more arduous work. Much like Conway who has happily cashed his cheque, while sitting in a safe seat and doing nothing for his constituency.

So as my local hospital closes down and I pray I don't end up having an accident, leaving me bleeding to death before I reach the next nearest. I realise now it must have been difficult finding time to fight to stop it's closure, in-between shopping on the taxpayers credit card and all that travelling back and forth to Northumberland, 330 miles away from the constituency he's meant to represent.

Some people of course would say he's a thieving, cheating, liar who used the fact he had a safe seat to subsidise his life style and line the family pocket, and I agree completely. I wouldn't mind betting that the Tories shouldn't count on it being such a safe seat now.

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