Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Speaker Martin Motion of No Confidence

The MP Douglas Carswell has gained support from both sides of the house and will table a motion of no confidence in the speaker. There are three main obstacles with this firstly, only a small amount of tabled motions are actually debated by MPs. Secondly as the Daily Mail reports, if Martin resigns before the next election he stands to lose a £100,000 'golden handshake'. It would take a huge amount of outrage for the man who allegedly said: "I did not come into politics not to take what is owed to me", to leave. Thirdly the politics of who will become speaker, Tories who stand to win the election, will not want a Labour minster.

Michael Martin will be the first speaker in 314 years to face this formal challenge to his authority. The last Speaker was Sir John Trevor, who was sacked for taking bribes in 1695. Entertainingly Interestingly as a little back history on Sir John:
...he was memorable for being severely cross-eyed—the affliction was so confusing to members of the House that they were frequently uncertain as to which of them had "caught the Speaker's eye"...

I wonder what Michael Martin will be remember for?

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