Monday, 11 May 2009

Speaker Martin - Hypocrite, Amoral and Greedy

When the audacity of these expenses couldn't get worst Michael Martin comes along, to prove why MPs thought it was fine. The man meant to be in "charge" of the commons gave a statement on expenses. He said that MPs should consider 'the spirit of what is right' in their claims. He would know all about that, after all he's only claimed hundreds of thousands on his subsidised life style.

The speaker read his statement from a piece of paper in his emotionless weak voice, that was until Kate Hoey raised a point: doesn't the Metropolitan Police have better things to do than investigate leaks, isn't it an awful waste of money? Good point, why waste police time and more money when you can conduct your own inquiry? Not a legitimate point though for Martin, he became vocal for once about something he does care about, those who criticise him and someone releasing the expense claims before black markers were used on them.

He really does represent what's wrong with the whole system, MPs who are hypocritical, amoral and greedy.

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