Sunday, 3 May 2009

Lady "Two Homes" Uddin

The audacity of this "lady" is incredible. Baroness Uddin claimed allowances intended for peers living outside London although she lives only four miles from the Lords. The flat in Maidstone she brought and claims is her main home, neighbours say has never been lived in. Until coincidentally "Lady" Uddin got a call from the Sunday Times challenging her on the claims.

The very next day her BMW zoomed along to Maidstone, lights were switched on, curtains put up and mat placed outside the front door, which is a homely touch indeed. Her claims and actions pocket her £30,000 a year. Yet it gets better, Lady Uddin's home in London is Housing Association owned. The association’s housing is for people needing affordable homes and the average rent for one is £500 a month. The baroness is claiming more than £2,000 a month for running and maintaining a house in London.

What's the different between a "lady" claiming false benefits and anyone else? The Lady won't be prosecuted.

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