Monday, 18 May 2009

Speaker Martin Statement = Absurd

So this saga continues onwards with no end in sight. Watching the Speaker give his statement you would be forgiven for thinking that he was a confused pensioner, wondering what he was doing in the room in the first place.

He dismissed the no confidence motion put down by Douglas Carswell saying a was an early day motion. Heckling and shouting assured with MPs saying he was wrong. The short story is, for this debate to happen the government need to back it. Let's not hold our breathe then.

This situation has gone now beyond absurd, in so many ways. The Speaker however is one part of a bigger problem. Getting rid of him will be a symbol of intent and right thing to do, given he is in charge of the Fees Office. Yet it will not address the problems at large, this government have been in power too long, they've become arrogant, using parliament as a factory just to pass laws, not debate them, as if it it exists for them not us. That balance needs to be addressed not temporary but permanently.

My worry over calling an election is that the Tories will gain such a ruling majority, it may take 3 terms it reduce it. Thus we could end up in the same position again. That leaves me asking: is our Parliamentary system passed it's sell by date? Clearly some serious changes are needed, accountably to the public I think is at the heart of those changes.

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