Saturday, 16 May 2009

Eurovision Song Contest: 2009

Congratulations to Norway! Nice to see the Eurovision is back to being a song contest, with Norway's entry winning by a landslide. Lord Webber and Jade Ewen's hard work put us at number 5, instead of getting just getting "nul points". Graham Norton took over from Sir Terry's commentary and didn't disappoint, very enjoyable.

The best performance for me was Ukraine's entry, that was some crazy camped up action. Germany's entry had Dita von Teese* in their performance, yet it was the lead singers skin tight, shiny sliver trousers that stole the show, I thought at one point I might have an epileptic fit the way the light danced off them. France's entry couldn't be any more "French", or depressing, I'm glad I wasn't wearing laced shoes. Best part however as I am a little geeky, was they linked live to the International Space Station to launch voting.

It was a bit disappointing that production values were so high with the acts, rather than campy, yet given Mother Russia's earlier actions on campness, I'm not surprised. The biggest curiosity that hangs over it all though, is when did Russia or Israel become apart of Europe? Must of missed that.

* She's well known America burlesque dancer, famous for her giant Martini glass routine.

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