Tuesday, 12 May 2009

EU Franco-German Warning to Cameron

It's comments like this from the Franco-German leaders that really harm the EU, Chancellor Merkel said, with regard to withdrawing support from the Conservatives:
France and Germany are the engine of Europe. We refuse to stretch out our hand to those who oppose the Lisbon Treaty but who at the same time talk about enlargement, those who want more have to cooperate. (read article)
It's a shame democracy is so burdensome to them. Given that Britain did not get a chance to vote on the EU in it's present form. I don't take an Eurosceptic position on the EU, though I do want a chance to have a vote on the EUs change in role. It is not democratic to do otherwise.

Rather than the Franco-German leaders complaining about other countries positions, they should look towards getting the basics in the EU working first. Starting with corruption and expenses, then addressing the issue of whether all countries are equal or if some are more equal than others, as their warnings suggest. The EU can not work like that, such a position will just feed Euroscepticism.

Not to mention they really should be more concerned with creating a President of Europe position, with Tony Blairs name in the running.

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