Thursday, 28 May 2009

My EU Vote is For

After much consideration, I've decided to vote Green Party at the EU election. Given that many people will like me be feeling disillusioned and at a loss as to who to vote for. I want to give a run down of my reasoning. It may be of assistance to those at a complete dead end, yet I do stress conclude whatever party you like, it's your vote.

I can't bring myself to vote for a main party, until they get the House of Commons in order I will not vote for them. A bad result for all the main parties strongly enforces the "get your act together" message. Given the ballot box has unfortunately become the only thing they will listen and take note of, I will use it to do just that. Hopefully if the results are particularly bad we may get the election this year, the thought of 12 more months of sleazy headlines week after week, no leadership and this ridiculous ability Brown has of burying his head in the sand, is verging on unbearable.

My personal views on the EU are also a part of the reason, the biggest issue I have with the EU is the lack of accountability and the way it's run, there needs to be a clear line drawn as to what's a national and international issue. Given leaving the EU or fully embracing it isn't on the cards, with the main parties that can make that decision, reform is important. I played with the idea of voting UKIP as it would send the message that the EU isn't working in it's present form, yet I feel UKIP will most likely get a lot of votes from general Euroscepticism and protest, I'm not completely comfortable voting in just an Eurosceptic way. Libertas were also a consideration as it's a reform party, but they will be voting on all laws and they've not made clear their ideology or perhaps today they did.

That's why I've concluded the Greens, one of the pros to the EU for me is the cross boarders policy of tackling environmental issues, the Greens are pushing basically for creating a sustainable way to live. This combined with wanting reform, sorting out the EU gravy train, standing up for civil liberties/rights and they're against the Euro, which means I get a bit of everything that's important to me.

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