Friday, 22 May 2009

Nationalism In The EU Elections

There's an informative article on the Huffington Post. About an uprising of anti EU and nationalist candidates standing for the forthcoming EU election. There is quite a wave of hostility being directed at the EU from all over Europe. Along with an opportunity seen by nationalist parties to cash in on disillusionment and fear. With a lot of talk about BNP gaining seats it worth putting it in context as their election could have a bigger effect.

Elected party members form international groups within the EU, in order to wield influence effectively. 28 is the minimum number of MEPs needed to form a political grouping. If nationalist get 28 seats from all across the EU, that's more power than we should free comfortable with them having. As the article rightly points out, if the Lisbon Treaty is passed they could wield real influence over justice, immigration and foreign policy.

Some MEPs dismiss nationalists as being disorganised, yet clearly there is a reason why Nick Griffin of the BNP is making his move now. The Daily Mail have an article on Austria’s Freedom Party (FPO) and their links with the BNP, Nick Griffin sent a personal message to the FPO after their election win in September 2008.
We in Britain are impressed to see that you have been able to combine principled nationalism with electoral success. We are sure that this gives you a good springboard for the European elections and we hope very much that we will be able to join you in a successful nationalist block in Brussels next year.
The FPO themselves have the support of Herbert Schweiger a former SS officer and Nazi, who said:
Our time is coming again and soon we will have another leader like Hitler
The issues that anger seems to be building upon is firstly the Franco-German team have too strong an influence on the EU model, their vice like grip means other countries then fall into the hierarchy of those that have the loudest voice. This combined with the EU parliament being considered a gravy train and very remote. Clearly for many this makes the EU a waste of time and money.

Fear is also big diver, troubled economic times does lend itself well to stoking the fire of fear. When you're afraid or uncertain it stands to reason you'll want to protect yourself, self-preservation is a powerful driver. Nationalism is perceived as a way to do that, if of course you belong to the group nationalist want to protect.

In Britain with the expense saga we have the added factor of a protest vote. Putting a cross next to the BNPs name is the biggest protest to make. That I'm sure for many will make it appealing. Yet with EU elections a vote isn't just for the BNP, it's also for all the people that form the group they will belong to, the FPO have a Nazi seal of approval.

Which takes the EU full circle, the very beginnings of it are from the idea of "never again". The principle was to overcome nationalism that had dragged Europe into war and conflict, by creating an united and peaceful Europe. It's incredible that in the place that is meant to be an embodiment of that, nationalist parties stand to take seats. Given their laws effect us all in Europe, it shouldn't take divisive nationalists sitting in parliament to reflect on reform. Nor should we in Britain, however angry or frustrated anyone may be, consider a vote for that kind of nationalism a legitimate protest to make.


  1. The FPO, just like the BNP, is made up of ordinary people who love their country and who feel mass immigration is a detriment to their society. They are not automatically Nazis for feeling this way. Pulling some near random quote out of thin air does not prove they are, either.

    The BNP is the only party in Britian who will halt the displacement of native Brits and fight to protect the British way of life. Every other party is in hoc with immigrant interests. Each has already sold Britian down the river.

    Groups like the FPO and BNP have a chance to save our civilization. They are fighting on behalf of our interests. Let us no longer condemn these types of parties, for - in all actuality - THEY are the ones on OUR side.

  2. @Anonymous - 14:05

    I didn't say they were Nazis, I said the FPO have the support of a Nazi and a Nazi seal of approval, which is whom the BNP will form a group in the EU with, if you click on the Daily Mail link supplied in the main post you will find it's not thin air.

    Immigration has many sides it's like the welfare state, at its best it's helps people to get back on there feet, at it's worst it gives people a choice to sit around and do nothing. Yet to not recognise the people who work hard, pay taxes and contribute to Britain, but have a black face or were not born here is wrong. Better immigration control is needed not "voluntary relocation".