Wednesday, 27 May 2009

North Korea Threatens to Attack South Korea

This situation just got stranger, North Korea has declared it is abandoning the truce that ended the Korean war, and will attack South Korea if it joined US-led inspections of vessels suspected of carrying weapons. Why try to provoke as much as this?

A test for Obama perhaps, their hostile intent has always been US facing. Who can tell with North Korea whether he's struck the right note. The international community is still speaking in one voice and more pressure is being placed on China to get involved. It is a concern that if China stop filling the void sanctions create, that civilians will be the only ones suffering. It's a really difficult balance to maintain, given they have no other recourse.

There far are too many unknowns in this situation, but if Obama and South Korea aren't panicking with the information they have. I think it's most likely that something internally is happening, yet due to their scary state controlled news we're not aware of it.

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